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Celebrity Caricature Art Prints

Caricature art prints of your favorite celebrity from Don Howard Bette Midler, Marvin Gaye, Chaka Kahn and Steven Tyler.

Welcome to the most unique caricature site on the web where you will find a wide selection of cartoon caricatures of your favorite celebrities done in the unique style of world-renowned caricaturist, Don Howard. Don's goal is to draw clean cut caricatures.

"I feel that one can go to the extremes in caricature by taking the most dominant feature of a subject and exaggerating it to the point where the grotesque gargoyle look comes."

Why is Don so meticulous when it comes to creating each caricature cartoon drawing? Well, we want each print to be something that the owner can display with pride!

With that in mind, we have compiled a collection of what we perceive to be the best collection of fine art prints in the world, offered in radiant color or elegant black and white. Each illustration is hand-drawn by the caricature artist and reproduced on high quality cardstock. A certificate of authenticity is also provided and, in most cases, the picture is limited to 5,000 copies.

Our caricature art prints are suitable for hundreds of gifts (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and decorating ideas (den, recreation room, bed room, etc.). So browse through our galleries, make your selection, and place your order.

Alabama Sports Posters

Slugfest out west, Bama versus Clemson, Legendary, Bama versus the Fighting Irish

Auburn Sports Posters

Slugfest out west, Bama versus Clemson, Legendary, Bama versus the Fighting Irish

Custom Caricatures

Caricatures for special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries or retirements of your loved ones created by Don Howard Studios

Can't think of a suitable gift for that special occasion, whether it is a birthday, employee retirement or wedding anniversary. Let Don Howard create a memorable keepsake for you!

Each caricature illustration is beautifully drawn and crafted using the finest art supplies and is truly the gift that becomes a family heirloom.

Our custom caricatures are hand-drawn and NOT computer generated!

So, the next time you need a thoughtful, unique gift for the person who seems to have everything, we hope you will consider a custom caricature from Don Howard Studios!

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Bible Characters

Moses and his brother Aaron visits Pharaoh at his palace to announce another plague on the Egyptians Exodus chapters 7 to 12.

An image can often convey a message that is lost with the use of words. Our beautifully illustrated Bible Character Posters are designed to do just that. Each hand-drawn illustration captures the essence of each character as depicted by Don Howard. An excellent resource to accompany your Sunday School lesson and they are ideal for wall decorations.