Caricatures with Character

Don Howard Specialty Prints

Maggie May

Don Howard illustrates Rod Stewart's hit song Wake Up Maggie

16x20 Maggie May-$70

Ray Yall  

Ray Yall Ray Charles Poster

16x20 Ray Yall-$70


Commemorative print in celebration of the Lunar landing from Don Howard

11x14 Moonstruck-$30

Mr. Bo Jangles

Sammy Davis, Jr as Mr. Bo Jangles

11x14 Mr. Bo Jangles-$30

The 54th

Art print from Don Howard Studios

11x14 54th Infantryman-$30

Tuskegee Airman  

11x14 Tuskegee Airman-$30

Buffalo Soldier

11x14 Buffalo Soldier-$30

Sergeant Pepper Band  

Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

11x14 Sergeant Pepper Band-$30