Caricatures with Character

Don Howard the artist

Don embarked on his career as a caricature artist 40+ years ago in Denison, Texas. The passion for art started burning in Don at an early age and he recounts numerous tales of scrounging for art supplies to feed this passion. (Did you know that a plain brown paper bag, when properly ironed, makes an excellent canvas?) Even though art was not looked upon as a viable career, that did not deter Don from following his dream.

Upon graduation from high school in Ozark, AL, he enrolled in Hampton University on a football scholarship. After completing his studies at Hampton University, Don began his career at Disney Studios in Burbank, CA. While at Disney, he worked on projects for Robin Hood and Winnie the Pooh. It was during this time that he became keenly interested in the art of caricature.

After 15+ years at Disney, Don relocated to Huntsville, AL and after establishing Don Howard Studios, he made a personal decision to concentrate on the art of caricature. Since his decision, he has not looked back- - -caricatures are his only form of artistic expression.

Normally, when someone mentions the word Caricature, one immediately conjures up the image of a portrait of a person with exaggerated or distorted features. While caricatures can be insulting or complimentary, Don Howard caricatures are tastefully done without exaggerated features and the likeness to the person is easily identifiable.

Don works tirelessly to develop caricatures that are not only humorous and provocative, but also professionally crafted.