Learn to draw cartoon animals with caricature artist Don Howard




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Miscellaneous Celebrity Caricatures

Caricatures in the unique style of America's well-known caricature artist, Don Howard.

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54th Infantryman Abraham Lincoln Barack Obama

Billy Bob Thornton Booji "Boogie Boy" Bruce Campbell

Buffalo Soldier7 Cecil B. DeMille Clifton Chenier

Clint Eastwood General Colin Powell Dale Earnhardt, Jr

Eminem Ezekiel Elliott Tuskegee Airman

George Hound Dog Lorenz George C Scott Indiana Jones

Jeff Gordon John Tesh John Wayne

Martin Luther King, Jr Leonardo da Vinci Marilyn Monroe

Mark Martin Michael Jordan Neil Armstrong

Norman Schwarzkopf Jr Oprah Winfrey The Osbournes

Pablo Picasso Tubman, Parks, Bethune Doug Kershaw

Arnold Schwarzenegge Snoop Dogg Steve Irwin

Tiger Woods Timothy J. Russert Hound Dog Lorenz Fats Domino