Caricatures with Character

Rock and Roll Celebrity Legends

I would say that Rock and Roll came into its own during the 1940s and early 50s. It was a combination of Blues and Country music with a smattering of Gospel music. Next to Blues, I would have to say that Rock and Roll Celebrity Caricature Art Prints are my favorite. The music was still pretty much divided back then—you had what was termed “race music” which included blues, jazz, boogie-woogie and rhythm and blues and then there was “hillbilly music”. Thank God for progress and we ultimately evolved to Rhythm and Blues and Country and Western.   I have been asked if I use a computer to create my illustrations—the answer to that is no. Each picture is hand drawn. I guess you could say that I’m from the old school and believe in the hands on approach. 

Aaron Neville

Adam Levine

Alicia Keys

Allman Brothers

Angus Young

Aretha Franklin

Axl Rose

Barbra Streisand

Barry White


Bette Midler

Billy Idol

Billy Joel

Bob Dylan

Bob Marley

Bob Seger

Bon Jovi

Bonnie Raitt


Brian Wilson

Beach Boys, Don Howard Caricature

Bruce Springsteen

Bryan Adams

Buddy Holly

Carlos Santana

Celine Dion

Chaka Kahn


Chuck Berry

Curtis Mayfield

Cyndi Lauper

Dan Fogelberg

Dave Grohl

Dave Matthews

David Bowie

Dean Martin

Debbie Harry

Doctor John

Donald Fagen

Don Howard called him Deacon Blue

Donnie and Marie

Duane Allman

Eddie Money

Elton John

Elvis Costello

Elvis Presley

Fats Domino

Frank Sinatra

Frank Zappa

Freddie Mercury

George Clinton

George Thorogood

Glenn Frey

Gregg Allman

Gwen Stefani

Ian Anderson

Jethro Tull

Iggy Pop

Gladys Knight

Ike Turner

Isaac Hayes

Jack White

Jackson Browne

James Brown

James Taylor

Jerry Garcia

Jerry Lee Lewis

Jim Croce

Jim Morrison

Joe Cocker

Joe Satriani

Joe Walsh

John Denver

John Fogerty

John Lennon

John Mayer

John Mellencamp

Keith Richards

Kid Rock

Kurt Cobain

Leon Russell

Leonard Cohen

Little Richard

Lou Rawls

Lou Reed

Luther Vandross


Marc Anthony

Marc Bolan

Martin Barre

Marvin Gaye

Maurice White

Michael Jackson

Mick Jagger

Neil Diamond

Neil Young

Ozzie Osbourne

Pete Townsend


Ray Davies

Robert Palmer

Robert Plant

Rod Stewart

Roy Orbison

Sammy Hagar

Simon & Garfunkel

Art print of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel from Artist Don Howard

Smokey Robinson

Steven Tyler

Stevie Wonder

Tina Turner

Tom Petty

Tony Bennett

Van Morrison

Whitney Houston

ZZ Top

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez