Caricatures with Character

Don Howard Custom Caricatures

Can't think of a suitable gift for that special occasion, whether it is a birthday, employee retirement or wedding anniversary. Let Don Howard create a memorable keepsake for you!  Each caricature illustration is beautifully drawn and crafted using the finest art supplies and is truly the gift that becomes a family heirloom.  Our custom caricatures are hand-drawn and NOT computer generated!

Please add $50 for each additional subject

Size 11x14 One Subject $200

Down Payment:  $50

NOTE:  No more than TWO subject

Size 16x20 One Subject $300

Down Payment:  $100

Size 16x20 Two Subjects $350 

Down Payment:  $100 

Size 16x20 Three Subject $400

Down Payment: $100

Here's how to order yours.

The first step is to write a brief scenario of how you would like to see the subject depicted. If you are not sure about the scenario, just list a few points about the subject (hobbies, favorite sports, etc.) and let the creative genius of the artist do the rest!

The second, and most important, step is the photo! The primary area of focus should be the subject's face. You can scan your photo from an existing one. Make sure your scanner resolution is no less than 300 dpi. Or, you can use one taken with your Smart device.